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Advances in Archaeobotany

We are pleased to announce the launch of Advances in Archaeobotany, a monograph series focused on people–plant interactions. The series editors, leading archaeobotanists from The Netherlands and Germany, initiated Advances in Archaeobotany to provide a dedicated publication venue for research excellence in archaeobotany and related interdisciplinary work.

Archaeobotany has become an indispensable component of archaeological investigation, providing a baseline for a holistic understanding of past societies and past environmental dynamics.

As a series specializing in the field of archaeobotany, Advances in Archaeobotany offers a centralized, easily recognizable publication venue for the growing research output of the world’s archaeobotanicalv community. Advances in Archaeobotany aims to foster connections in a field of research with highly diversified publication strategies and to increase archaeobotanists’ international visibility.

The series is also open to playnological contributions.

Advances in Archaeobotany is produced by Barkhuis Publishing, well known in the archaeobotanical community for publishing attractive, high-quality books, such as the Digital Seed Atlas of the Netherlands.

The first volume in this new series, Reconstructing vegetation diversity in

coastal landscapes, by Mans Schepers, is now available.

Series editors:

René Cappers (Groningen Institute of Archaeology, University of Groningen, The Netherlands)

Wiebke Kirleis and Welmoed Out (Institute for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology and Graduate School Human Development in

Landscapes, Kiel University, Germany)

For more information about the series and its first publication, please visit


Reconstructing vegetation diversity in coastal landscapes

Mans Schepers


Title: Reconstructing vegetation diversity in coastal landscapes
Authors: Mans Schepers
Series: Advances in Archaeobotany 1
ISBN: 9789491431722
Publication year: 2014
Pages: 261
Binding: softcover
Format: 17 x 24 cm; full colour ill.
List price: € 36.57

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This dissertation delves into the reconstruction of past vegetation at the most detailed level. It is not the objective to focus solely on the developments in vegetation over time, but to create an image of the landscape that must have been visible to prehistoric people. Landscape and vegetation form a major starting point for the opportunities available in a certain area for a broad scale of human activities including grazing of livestock, cultivating crops and collecting wild plants. The majority of the analyses are based on seeds and fruits (botanical macroremains) from two Dutch prehistoric regions. These are the small river system in the present Flevopolder, home to settlements of the so-called Swifterbant Culture in the Neolithic period (4300 ‒ 4000 BC), and the Frisian- Groningen terp region in the period prior to the endikements (700 BC ‒ c. 1200 AD).

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